Jobs and Careers in Mining, Resources and Energy

Jobs and Careers in Mining, Resources and Energy

The Mining, Resources & Energy Industry includes the research, study, extraction and production of natural resources into energy sources or materials needed in products. The mining, resources and energy industry is extremely vital to the daily life and advancement of society. Unfortunately the industry is dependent on the type of available resources found in particular regions and heavily affected by the global economy.
Careers involved in the mining, resources and energy industry are many and include scientists, engineers, geologists, surveyors, drillers, information and communications technology professionals, power plant operators and management teams to name a few. Careers may involve researching and testing land areas for resources and minerals or experimenting with new energy sources. They may work surveying new land areas, in factories or laboratories, or on site of extraction sites as drillers and miners operating drilling rigs and mining sites and equipment to help extract minerals from the ground.
Global demand for graduates and highly skilled professionals in the Mining, Resources and Energy industry is generally very high.
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Jobs in Mining, Resources and Energy

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