Jobs and Careers in Science and Technology

Jobs and Careers in Science and Technology

The Science & Technology Industry extremely wide and diverse, with professionals working in a range of different fields. Professionals in Science & Technology provide critical expertise and research skills to advance knowledge, practices, services and products for companies and institutions. Science & Technology professionals develop the concepts for developments in healthcare, engineering, information and communication technology and countless other disciplines. They provide much of the foundation for advancements in society, making them extremely valuable in the workforce. Careers in Science & Technology offer many interesting and exciting options and the demand is high.
Careers in Science & Technology include roles in research and development for manufacturing industries, research institutions and government branches, as well as monitoring and testing manufacturing processes and products to ensure quality, safety and cost-effectiveness. Science & Technology professionals work for private companies and research institutes to develop new methods of operation, as well as in laboratories testing and processing materials as researchers and technicians for various fields including forensics, artwork and museum artefacts, healthcare lab processing, environmental research and epidemiology. Science & Technology careers also include work in the technology field to research and advance new systems and methods for transmitting technology. Individuals with Science & Technology backgrounds are also sought after in the teaching field.
Careers in Science & Technology typically require at least a Bachelors degree in relevant science fields. Global demand for graduates and highly skilled professionals across many industry sectors is high.
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Jobs in Science and Technology

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